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What Causes Formation of Wrinkles in Women? Know the Shocking Facts

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Causes Of Wrinkles

You may have the best skin care products to prevent those wrinkles and fine lines from appearing but, to more effectively look younger than your age for longer; you need to have a good understanding of what causes them to start showing up.

  • Natural Aging Process: Your skin’s elasticity decreases as you age. Having a high skin elasticity means your skin is able to withstand tearing and is more able to fight furrows from forming. The skin’s fat and moisture content determines your skin’s elasticity. As you age, your skin loses its fat content causing skin to sag. Skin cells also produce lesser amounts of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid which are all vital in helping skin retain moisture. This is why mature skin is dry and more prone to damage.

    Even though wrinkles naturally appear as you get older, starting a healthy skin care regimen at an early age helps you keep the good stuff in and the damaging factors out. For preventing fine lines and wrinkles, you may shift to the available eye creams which are specially designed to treat the wrinkles and fine lines or puffiness too.

  • Gender and Hormonal Changes: It is unfortunate how men and women differ when it comes to developing wrinkles but, that’s simply the natural biological fact. Women’s skin tends to lose fats and oil earlier causing skin to dry. Fine lines develop earlier among women than among men. When a woman undergoes menopause, less estrogen is produced which, in turn, results to slower production of collagen and thus thinning of the skin occurs.

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  • Gravity and Wrong Application of Skin Care Products: It does not necessarily follow that you’ll get to keep your youthful glow for longer just because you keep up-to-date with the latest in skin care technology.

    The manner by which you apply those anti aging skin care products matter in as much as their contents should matter when you select one. Help your skin fight the natural damaging effects of gravity in sagging your skin by applying your products upwards to promote uplifting of your skin.

Sleeping on Your Sides and Tummy
  • Sleeping on Your Sides and Tummy: These sleeping positions may be giving you a good night’s rest but, they’re also giving your skin a hard time. People who sleep on their sides tend to develop crow’s feet, while those who sleep face down tend to develop fine lines on their forehead. These sleeping positions contribute to poor blood circulation which prevents oxygen, blood, and nutrients from being evenly distributed to all parts of your body, including blocking their way to power skin repair and rejuvenation.
  • Unnecessarily Exposing Your Skin Under The Sun and without Protection: The sun’s harmful UV rays are the biggest enemy of your skin. Avoid direct sun exposure. Always use sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 whenever you have to both as a separate cream and infused with your day makeup products. Use a spare eye cream to give the thin skin around your eyes added protection. Put on your sunglasses and wear an English hat if you can pull it off for an additional barrier between the sun and your face. Wear a long-sleeved top and pants to cover up the rest of your body.
  • Sleeping with Excess Make Up, Oil and Dirt on Skin: This is another cardinal sin you can do to damage your skin. Make sure you cleanse your face of makeup, oil, and dirt before going to bed. Use facial wash for deeper cleansing action, tone to relax your pores, and moisturize to support skin repair.
  • Insufficient Sleep and Lack of Rest: It’s alright to be busy and be out late some nights but don’t be a chronic late sleeper. Your body undergoes plenty of repair processes while you sleep, and that includes your skin. When you deprive your body of much needed rest, you also deprive it of oxygen essential for tissue repair.
    Insufficient Sleep and Lack of Rest

    Continuous lack of sleep generally results to poor blood circulation essentially depriving your skin cells of the moisture and nutrients it needs to restructure your skin fibers and slows down collagen production.

  • Smoking and Drinking Too Much Alcohol: Smoking contains thousands of chemicals that are not only harmful to your skin but to your entire well-being. Needless to say, you don’t want to be smoking if your goal is to keep your skin glowing.

    Too much and too frequent alcohol intake also obstructs good blood circulation and contributes to dehydration, leaving skin dry and lifeless.

  • Poor Diet and Lack of Physical Activity: Beauty starts from within. Develop healthy cravings and ditch those bags of chips in exchange for fresh and crisp carrot sticks. Healthy snacking can be fun and exciting with a little know-how and allowing some time to let your taste buds adjust. Exercise regularly to flush out those unwanted toxins and to improve blood circulation. People who work out also tend to eat healthy.

    It’s a way of life and it’s a state of mind that is good for your skin and your total well-being. Putting on the most advanced creams will never add up to the bloom and radiance which only a healthy diet and a good workout can do to your skin. So get moving!

  • Unnecessary Stress: Life is full of stressors but keep in mind that the manner by which you manage stress makes all the difference, even to your skin. There are stressors that you must solve immediately but keep a keen mind and a positive attitude even while you’re in the midst of trying (even if desperately) to find a solution.

    There are also stressors which are completely outside of your control and are better left to unfold on its own. If it helps, remind yourself that worrying will only add lines on your face so you can just breathe in and leave it up to fate.

Final Words

If you know you’re too young to be noticing fine lines and wrinkles, it may be high time for you to reflect on your habits and lifestyle to stop those wrinkles from burrowing deeper into your skin, and give you more time to reverse those signs of aging. Hence, you can check out some best wrinkle cream like Alpha Skin Care on our site.

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