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Skin Problems? Here’s The Natural Solution…

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There are dozens of conditions that affect someone's skin, Carri Duncan sharing her fight with skin problems.
Skin Problems
Adopting the healthy eating habits can help to repair skin issues. Shutterstock Images

I have a background with healing my body through food. Over twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with a blood disease and prescribed a chemotherapy pill my doctor wanted me to take everyday for the rest of my life.

I knew this was not the path for me, and instead, I decided I would correct my very terrible diet. It took some time, but it worked and completely changed my life.

My new diet consisted of rounded meals with whole grains, plant proteins, veggies, leafy greens, fermented foods, and sea vegetables. At night, I would make my own desserts with organic whole-wheat pastry flour and brown rice syrup.

There were no sugars in my diet during this time, as I had substituted them with this syrup. I felt incredible and knew I was healing my body. However, my complexion was still awful. It was, to say the least, frustrating and the biggest puzzle I had ever worked.

One day, I was given a book by Scott Ohlgren titled, The 28-Day Cleansing Program, which claimed it would repair skin issues, and yet again, my life was completely changed by food. The only thing that was different about my new diet and this cleanse was the omission of all flour products.

Could breads really be responsible for my skin problems? After 28 days, my answer was quite apparent. This cleanse completely healed my wounded complexion and made me feel better and clearer than I had ever felt in my life.

To understand why breads and flours are congesting for our digestive tract, picture what soaking in water does to them – they basically turn into a gummy glue. Then imagine this gluey bread traveling throughout your intestines. I really love flour products, but I feel my absolute best when I minimize them.

In researching, I found that wheat grown in the United States has been treated with a chemical that some of us simply cannot tolerate[1]. Also, the breeds of wheat available today are genetically and biologically different.

Something has obviously changed with this grain or the way our bodies digest it because wheat has been a staple grain for human beings for thousands and thousands of years.

Wheat products have become such a recent problem in the United States that we now have a gluten-free epidemic[2]. I’ve met Americans who cannot eat wheat here in the States but can consume it in other countries, with no digestive upset. My personal feeling is that it is not the gluten so many of us are sensitive to but the actual wheat itself.

Wheat Products

Not only gluten so many of us are sensitive to wheat itself. Shutterstock Images

After detoxifying my body, I calmed the fire and inflammation in my intestines, making it possible for me to indulge with wheat products again. I found my healthy balance, and I encourage everyone to research and experiment with what works best for them. Because we are all beautifully different, each person will respond and heal a little differently as well.

Natural Solution for Skin Problems

Anytime I can replace the foods I crave with healthier substitutions (like the brown rice syrup), it makes a new way of eating so much easier for me. For those who love bread like I do, I recommend the following substitutions:

  • Find a quality sourdough loaf, free from added sugar and yeast. Sourdough has been fermented, making it easier to digest.
  • Look for Ezekiel brand breads and wraps and sprouted breads in the frozen section of your grocer. Begin reading labels and look for flourless options.
  • Try the varieties of Mary’s Gone Crackers (flourless). They can be purchased at Whole Foods, Publix, Costco.
  • Look for corn tortilla chips and taco shells made from organic, stoneground corn with no flour. These varieties can be found in most grocery stores.

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  • Explore pasta varieties made from whole grains. Brown rice pasta tastes much like white-flour pasta, yet it contains a greater amount of fiber and protein, which helps your body digest it at a slower rate. Trader Joe’s has a really good and inexpensive brand that contains only brown rice and water.
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