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29 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Development, Body Changes & More

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twenty nine week pregnancy

Congratulations on another week of being pregnant! You are now entering your 29th week. By now, you are probably counting down the days because the pregnancy has really gotten more difficult, but the birth is just around the corner, and soon the discomfort and aching back will be a thing of the past. You are doing great mom, and you will soon have a beautiful bundle of joy to enrich and bless your life! This article provides an overview on the fetal development, maternal changes, signs and symptoms and some interesting facts about the 29th week of pregnancy.

Did you know: It is considered common for women to have nose bleeds or bleeding gums suddenly during pregnancy even though they are healthy.

Height of The Baby: 15.75 inches
Weight of The Baby: 2. 5 pounds.

What Happens to The Baby?

The baby is almost fully developed except for two parts of the little guy or girl that is still growing – that is, the lungs and the brain. At this time, the head is really starting to get bigger to accommodate the brain, and by the time the birth comes, the lungs will be ready to quit breathing in fluid and take in a lungful of air once he or she has come out of their mother’s body. Also, the bones in the little body are starting to get hard, and the calcium in them is being taken from mom.

What Happens to the Maternal Body?

29th Week Pregnancy

The doctor may ask the mother to start counting kicks just to make sure that the baby is still nice and active. However, several notorious symptoms of pregnancy continue to persist at this point like constipation due to her advancing pregnancy having an effect on the digestive system.


Tips for the Mother

The best thing that mom can do at this point is to try and eat plenty of fibers, which is going to help with the digestive problem. Taking a hot sitz bath can also help if hemorrhoids are present. Also, getting plenty of rest is also a good idea because sometimes, moms can feel dizzy or lightheaded due to their pregnancy, and doctors recommend pregnant women to be extra careful when they are changing positions like from sitting to standing.

Added Information: Can I Have Tattoo When Pregnant?

The idea of a tattoo at this stage in the pregnancy is not really a good idea. There are many tattoo parlors out there that will flat out refuse to tattoo a pregnant woman, and even if one did, they are not recommended because mom may have an unexpected reaction to it such as fainting. Another thing to consider about a tattoo during pregnancy is the fact that it may trigger labor because some women become highly sensitive to any shock during the latter parts of their pregnancy, and the shock can put both mom and baby at risk.

To end, the 29th week of pregnancy is one more week down before the end of the pregnancy, and now, mom has to concentrate on counting kicks and making sure she is eating right to prevent constipation. It may seem at this point as a woman has been pregnant forever, but the time is ticking down, and before she knows it, her water will break, and her labor will begin.

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