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16 Weeks Pregnant: Information, Baby Growth, Tips and More

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sixteen week pregnancy

Isn’t it amazing to see your baby going so rapidly? Over the weeks, your baby is nearly the size of an average avocado and could fit in the palm of the hand. This article provides an overview on the fetal development, maternal changes, signs and symptoms and some interesting facts about 16th week of pregnancy.

The newest development to the baby at 16 weeks is the patterning of scalp.

Height of the baby: 4.5 inches
Weight of the baby: 3.5 ounces

What Happens to the Baby?

Week 16 Fetus

At this moment, the baby has more stable and more erect head. His/her eyes remain shut, yet continuously moving closer to the front of the face, so as well with the ears. Another developmental milestone for this stage is the baby has already obtained patterning of the scalp. Meanwhile, the baby’s circulatory system is working hard than ever pumping 25 quarts of blood daily and such amount will continue to rise in the following weeks to come.

Baby at 16 weeks continue to display facial expressions, although they don’t have control over them. Amniotic fluid is produced in increasing amount about 7.5 ounces. In addition, the baby is forming taste buds and has growing hair, eyebrows and eye lashes. The baby can now also hear external voice and familiar sounds, Thus, it is a good time to read stories for him/her.

What Happens to Your Body?

16th Week Pregnancy

Your life is changing unexpectedly as your pregnancy progresses. At this point, the fundus is found between the pubic bone and the navel. The muscles and the round ligaments that support the uterus are now beginning to stretch and thicken.

Good news for most mothers because nearly all pregnancy symptoms peter out. Fewer mood swings and lesser squeamish. But because of growing baby, it is expected that there will be frequent bathroom trips and larger and fuller breasts since production of colostrums should have started at this point. As early as 16 weeks, some mothers already experience quickening. This is the time when mothers feel the fetal movements; although, commonly it occurs around 18 weeks of pregnancy. Some would say that mothers whose placentas lie at the back experience quickening at an earlier stage than women with placenta place on the front of the uterus.

16 Weeks Pregnant

As of 16th week of pregnancy, mothers are producing 50% more blood.

Proper Nutrition and Gaining Weight @ 16 Weeks of Pregnancy

Proper Nutrition and Gaining Weight at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy

One of the universal concerns of mothers during pregnancy is gaining weight. It should be mentioned that caloric requirements of pregnant mothers are normally higher than the average women (additional 300 to 450 calories daily). Technically speaking, this still depends on the weight and activity level of the pregnant mother.

What mothers should summon into mind during pregnancy are these: 1.) gaining weight is normal and 2.) Dieting is strongly not advisable.

It should be mentioned that as pregnancy serves as a unique experience to every mother, so as well in gaining weight. Some mothers gain weight quickly compared to others. While this may lose their figure, it is strongly discouraged to never skip meals or go in dieting. The diet plan of pregnant mothers include adequate protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates while consumption sodium, fats and sugars should be restricted. Check the labels and always go for ‘low fats’. Find out how pregnant mothers can work towards healthy weight gain.

  • Stay Away from Empty Calories: Empty calories are mainly made up of fats and sugars with no vitamins and minerals content. Examples of foods with empty calories are cake, ice cream, cookies and chocolates.
  • Know Some healthy Substitutes: For example, replacing regular milk with skim milk in cereals; going for baked fries over French fries; or opt for yogurt in place of ice cream.
  • Cut Down Fats: Fats are essential component in pregnancy specifically in the neural development of the baby. Nevertheless, too much intake of fats is bad to health especially the saturated ones from salad dressings and fry foods.
  • Get Physically Active: Best pregnancy workouts are swimming, golfing and yoga sessions.

Preventing excessive weight gain during pregnancy is beneficial to the health of the baby and the mother. Healthy weight thwarts pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and birth defects.

Additional Info: How to Make a Baby Girl?

Are your kids all boys? Have you been trying to conceive a baby girl yet every method you are into seems to be not working? Try the following suggestions on how to conceive a girl naturally.

  • The missionary position begets the higher chance of conceiving a girl.
  • Perform frequent sexual activity.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables especially those leafy and greens.
  • Consume acidic foods such as citrus fruits.
  • Cut back sodium. A low salt diet favors a baby girl.
  • Take a bath or soak in hot tub before sex.
  • Let your men wear briefs in place of boxers.
  • Eats lots of chocolates.
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