Updated: 2018, Oct 22

Skin Rash Under the Eye: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

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Under Eye Skin Redness

What is Skin Redness?

Skin redness is a condition where reddish spots appear on the skin, usually as a result of an inflammation from contact dermatitis (allergies). There are other causes of redness such as rosacea, which is not caused by an allergy. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition wherein parts of the face turn red for some people it looks like they have a natural rosy cheeks, other more severe cases of rosacea make the face look swollen and sore.

Skin redness around the eyes is caused by a lot of different things, which will be discussed later on in this article. No matter what the cause, you should be careful when dealing with redness around the eyes because it is such a sensitive area one wrong move might cause more damage.

Why is the Skin Around Eyes is Red, Puffy, Itchy and Severely Dry?

Whether you have a preexisting skin condition or not, it is very likely that you will get some type of skin redness around the eyes. Have you checked the ingredients list of the creams and serums that you put around your eyes lately? If not, then maybe you should consider doing is, as you might be having an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in those products. If you use contact lenses, be careful about the size of the lenses, as well as the maintenance procedures you have to take. Wearing the wrong size of lenses can irritate the skin around the eyes; another related cause would be having dry eyes. When either situation occurs, it leads people to rub the eyes, which then leads to puffiness and inflammation of the skin around the eyes.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Skin Redness?

The symptoms of skin redness around the eyes, no matter what the diagnosis, is actually quite similar. A burning sensation around the eyes, followed by the appearance of some rashes and patches are sure signs of skin redness. This could be accompanied by an itching sensation in the area. The first thing that you must remember is to avoid scratching and rubbing the area as this might only aggravate the situation. Another symptom of redness around the eyes would be dryness dry eyeballs may cause people to rub the eyes, which can lead to irritation around the eyes. Make sure to have eye drops in your handbag so you can keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day.

How to Cure Red Skin Around Eyes?

Different ways to treat redness of the skin around the eyes are suggested to address specific issues. There are also different ways in which to cure the redness around the eye area, ranging from natural treatments to more intensive and clinical treatments. At home, if you encounter some mild redness around the eye area, you can simply apply cold packs on the red areas to sooth the swelling. Sliced cucumbers are also known to help with the redness as well as the puffiness, perhaps from staying up all night. For the ladies, make sure that you be careful about the eye makeup that you use. Don’t share with other people, even your close friends, as this may increase the transfer of bacteria. Also, make sure to keep yourself informed about the shelf life of the makeup just check the label! Dispose of the makeup as soon as it expires.

If the redness on the skin around the eye area persists and goes on for a few days, then you should see a doctor to properly diagnose what you might have.

Apart from the spot treatments that you can try at home, there are certain precautionary measures that you can take in order to avoid redness and irritation around the eyes. Always make sure that you wash the bed linens and pillowcases the failure to do so might increase the risk of bacteria transferring to your eyes while you’re sleeping. Also, make sure that you regularly clean your contact lenses. Don’t completely rely on the brands that say that it’s safe to wear even when sleeping don’t take your chances! It’s also recommended that you alternate the days when you wear contacts and glasses in order to give your eyes a rest.

Dermatologist-Prescribed Solutions for Skin Redness

If you experience itching, burning and/or puffiness around your eyes, it would be best to consult a dermatologist so you can have your skin assessed and treated accordingly. Most dermatologists say that it is important, especially among women to take care of the eye area as it is very sensitive, and is where early signs of skin aging and dehydration appear. There are eye creams that can help with the redness, but most doctors would recommend that it be prevented as much as possible. This can be done through proper hygiene and vigilance on the part of the individual.

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