Sylvie De Gil

Sylvie De Gil Born in France and currently living in Los Angeles, Sylvie De Gil is a tri-lingual powerhouse! She combines her three passions for fashion, nutrition, and spirituality to help others create and achieve their dreams.

Sylvie is a registered holistic nutritionist after attending the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, in addition to being a fashion consultant, author and speaker, and will soon be launching her blog in September.

She has spoken at many prestigious conferences on nutrition including a conference on nutrition in Sydney, AUS, and at Hotel Intercontinental in Los Angeles for the French association L.A Accueil. Follow Sylvie De Gil on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Jomsy Fashion.

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Choose Plants To End Pain

Choosing Plant-Based Diet To End Pain And Stay Healthy

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If you live in a big city in the United States, you are likely to have heard the word “vegan” thrown around once or twice. Now, you may cringe at the sound of the word, over-em...

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Trendy Foods Forecast For The Year

Foods Forecast – Trendy Foods Predictions To Watch Out

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Trends come and go as the seasons change. They appear in different forms, whether they are fashion, food, or business-related. One thing is for sure, when trends surface, you can n...

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Do You Hold Any Credibility On The Power Of Choosing Our Happiness?

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Absolutely! You and only you are responsible for living your life in a state of either happiness or misery. Visualize This Two people are sitting near each other at a bus stop ...

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Eat With Consciousness

Know How You Can Eat With Consciousness To Shed Pounds

posted in Weight Loss

What does it mean to "lose weight with consciousness"? This phrase refers to the act of being mindful, or simply bringing awareness to what one is eating, and how these everyday ch...

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