Dr. Stephanie Hunter Jones

Dr. Stephanie Hunter Jones is a Los Angeles based Clinical Sexologist. Dr. Stephanie holds a Human Sexuality, a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and is a certified sex coach.

As a nationally recognized sex expert, she has been featured in PLAYBOY, People Magazine, Time Magazine, Psychology Tomorrow,,, Entity Magazine, and The Irish Examiner.

She is also presented as a recurring sex therapist on the Snapchat network "Brother"; for the show "Don't Suck at Sex!" and is the author of two published books. Visit her online at and you can also connect with her on Facebook.

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The Mind and Sex

The Mind and Sex: The Voyage of the Conscious, Unconscious, Emotions, and our Sexuality

posted in Sex And Love

The first thing many individuals do when facing a sexual issue is seek treatment from a medical doctor. While this is a wise choice to ensure that there are no physical concerns, i...

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