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Priya Tew

DietitianUK provides a fresh, exciting, outgoing approach to nutrition. Run by Priya Tew we provide consultancy and P.R work, media, recipes, menu analysis, courses, lectures, and presentations, well being days, articles and more.

Priya is a passionate dietitian, pilates teacher, and mum to 3 small people. She provides specialist consultations in eating disorders, intuitive eating, weaning, IBS and chronic fatigue but does sometimes take on other areas too so please do ask. Follow her: DietitianUK, Facebook, & Linkedin.

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Eating Disorder

Recover From An Eating Disorder- Tips On How To Recuperate From It

posted in General Health

Recuperation resembles riding a wild stallion. It is erratic, you will probably tumble off commonly. You will experience the feelings extending from dread to energy, getting a hand...

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