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Nant Nissen

Nant Nissen has been involved in the Health Fitness Industry for over 23 years. Nant has helped thousands of people, over the years to, not only change their body but completely transform their lives and return to their natural state of Health, Happiness, and Vitality.

She has been published in various magazines including Inner-self magazine and has been on both T.V and radio. Contact her in Corporate Wellness Group & follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Most Recent Articles

Ways To Improve Digestion

3 Effective Ways and Improve Your Digestion Straight Away

posted in Colon Health Center

There are not many people I see in my clinic nowadays that do not or have not at some point experienced digestive problems. These range from gas to IBS, to bloating, Constipation, ...

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Maintain A Healthy Diet

Important Steps To Maintain A Healthy Diet – Eat Healthy Feel Healthy

posted in General Health

Have you ever heard someone say this……“I would prefer to eat what I want and enjoy myself and my life instead of eating healthy food and hating my life” “Why would I want...

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Causes Of Self -Sabotage

The 4 Underlying Causes of Self-Sabotage and How to Stop Them

posted in General Health

Why is it that we know what to do but don't do it? That we know what we want and even may know our big why but still don't do what we need to do, to get where we want to get? Is...

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