M.S. in Human Nutrition


Lauren Ann, MS

Lauren is a passionate young woman well versed in the mental health and addiction field. Lauren has her degrees; (BA) in Psychology Research and (MA) in Clinical Behavioral Health, as well as her M.S. in Human Nutrition. Lauren’s interests lie in empowering others to learn about the role of functional medicine in achieving optimal health and wellness. Lauren lives in Tiverton, RI with her Havanese puppy, Olls. Lauren enjoys being outside in nature, in addition to exercising, painting and reading. You can also connect with Lauren on LinkedIn, Instagram.

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The Toll of Addiction on Health of Those Suffering: Mental & Physical

posted in General Health

Addiction (from the substance or drug abuse) is a concerning and prevalent issue today, affecting thousands of individuals and their families. A large percentage of those who stru...

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