Kate Hagerty

In 2011, after spending over 30 years in corporate America, Kate became completely disenchanted with the ladder she'd been climbing. She became a certified Life Purpose & Relationship Intuitive coach, and today, she is the CEO and Founder of Soul Purpose. In her work, Kate helps professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs to find clarity, confidence and commitment to their true purpose in the world. Bottom line, Kate helps them get on track, on purpose and living their best, most authentic lives. To learn more about how Kate used the power of pain to Unleash her YES, click here katehagerty.com. Also, connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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The Power of Pain

The Power of Pain-By Kate Hagerty

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If you think about the planet and all the things that can differentiate us from the countries we live in, the languages we speak, the customs and holidays we celebrate, the one thi...

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