Juan C. Velez

Juan enjoys every aspect of personal fitness; whether it is weight training, flexibility training or cardiovascular endurance. It is his goal to ensure that anyone he trains receives the best combination of motivation and fitness knowledge to assist everyone in not only reaching but exceeding their fitness goals! Juan has been active physically for over 20 years and loves to share his passion for fitness with others. With a strong background in health and fitness, he hopes to share his enthusiasm and passion for healthy active living with you!. **3x Provincially Qualified Competitor OPA Mens Physique, Mens Classic Bodybuilding, Men's Bodybuilding. **8x Tough Mudder Finisher. **Ran _ Warrior Dash, Mec 10km, Run for Retina 10km, and Forest City Half-Marathon . Why do you exercise? For the ultimate combination between performance, health, and physique. Guilty pleasures? I workout a bit extra sometimes so I can get away with ice cream or frozen yogurt. Favorite exercise? Squats. Follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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