Jenny Burgess

Jenny Burgess is the author of a baking cookbook for the truly geeky, Geek Sweets: An Adventurer's Guide to the World of Baking Wizardry. This is filled with recipes for cookies, cupcakes and cake pops in increasing difficulties, as well as party ideas with a fantasy/adventure theme. Big, beautiful photographs, recipes, printable templates and step-by-step how-to's for every adventurer - from the squire just starting their journey to a well-worn dragon slayer looking for a challenge. You can connect with her on Twitter.

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PB & J Cupcakes Recipe

Get Mouth Watering Recipe Of Cupcakes With PB & J Cupcakes Recipe

posted in Healthy Food Recipes

Every serious adventurer knows the value of a PB & J stuffed into their Bag of Holding. After a long day of sweet-talking tavern patrons, fending off spells, and slugging goblins i...

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