James Jones

James Jones started out on his journey to better health 6 years ago. He was overweight, always tired, and needed a change. So He started studying nutrition and exercise. After losing 80 pounds, He felt amazing. He got further into nutrition as a manager for Vitamin Shoppe. Then, in November of 2016, my fiancé, was killed tragically in a car accident. Overcoming her passing gave me the strength and the courage to turn my passion into a career. He decided that this is what He wanted to do, so he started helping others. Now, He is a nutrition coach and supplementation expert. He is also a certified personal trainer and MMA conditioning Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. His goal in life is to help as many people as possible on their journey to becoming the best versions of themselves. Follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Visceral Fat

If your jeans button pops, blame ‘Visceral Fat’ – The Poison Inside You

posted in General Health

Have you ever wondered why it can be so hard to lose weight? Sometimes we lose weight only for it to come back. Even when numbers on the scale drop, we can still look bloated. The ...

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