Jacomie Nel

Jacomie Nel is a registered dietitian with a BSc Dietetics degree and she is currently doing her master degree in Dietetics. Her research is focused on chronic kidney disease. Jacomie has experience in clinical dietetics in the public and private sector as well as working as Product advisor and consultant. Jacomie completed the CDE Advanced Diabetes course and did a Diploma in Exercise and Sports nutrition. Her interests are diabetes, pediatrics and sports nutrition. She loves advocating for a healthy lifestyle, as is the most effective way to prevent and treat chronic diseases of lifestyle. She is the founder of Simply Nutritious. Follow her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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influence gut microbiota

Can Exercise Really Ameliorate Gut Microbiota?

posted in Colon Health Center

There is more than 1 000 species of bacteria living in our gut. These microorganisms help to keep you healthy by creating a barrier to prevent infections and harmful substances fro...

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