Harold Scott

I am a native Tennessean, having grown up in a small, rural area of the state, on the family farm, some 85 miles east of Nashville, in a county with a population of less than 10,000. I tested positive for HIV, on October 24, 1991, and, "went public" with my status, on World AIDS Day, 1994. It was at that time, that I became a public speaker/educator, going out into my own community.

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Survival From Hiv-Aids

How To Live With HIV/AIDS – Harold Scott

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Clearly, back in 1991, as I was just learning that I had been infected with HIV, from a sexual encounter, some two years prior, my daily life was somewhat blur. Living in rural, mi...

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Harold Ray Scott HIV/AIDS Survivor

Becoming My Own Voice – Harold Ray Scott… An AIDS Survivor

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A question I am often asked, when I participate in an educational program or public speaking engagement, is “Why did you feel the need to announce you have HIV/AIDS, and to becom...

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