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Emily Wood, RD

Emily Wood is a Registered Dietitian, who helps people who are losing control of their health and happiness, to get off their meds, lose weight, and feel great, through whole foods, plant-based eating.

Emily resides in Buffalo, NY, where she operates her own private practice. In between clients, Emily enjoys writing and catching up on the latest nutrition news.

Connect with her on Facebook or visit her website: emilywoodrd.com.

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Holiday Waistline In Check

This New Year Don’t Worry About Your Waistline Just Check These 5 Ways

posted in General Health

I know we all say the same thing every year, but here it goes again: “I can’t believe the Holidays are here already!” Lots of parties, time with family and friends, and of c...

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Dinner Simplified

Dinner Made Easy – How One Recipe Can Have Infinite Possibilities!

posted in Healthy Food Recipes

For the first time, I decided to plant my own herb garden this past summer. With living in the Northeast, annual plants have a short window, so I started out small with only a few ...

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