Dr Steven Lin

Dr. Steven Lin is a dentist, speaker, and author of the upcoming book, The Dental Diet (January 18’). His work aims to bridge the gap between nutrition, oral health, and bodily health.

For more information visit him on his website where he shares a variety of functional, nutritional health concepts to help you have healthier teeth for life. You can download his FREE EBook – with 4 quick dietary steps to get healthier teeth today at www.drstevenlin.com.

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Most Recent Articles

Dental Tartar Heart Attack

“Strong Teeth Strong Heart”: How Dental Tartar Lead To Heart Attacks

posted in Dental Health

It’s that time again. You're due for an annual dental clean, and you’re doing your best to avoid it.  There's always a reminder of that one sensitive area of your teeth th...

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Dental Health Is Associated With Your Overall Health

What Is The Relation Between Dental Health And Overall Health?

posted in Dental Health

There's a paradox that I come across as a dentist nearly every day. People want healthy teeth and know they are important. They also want a better looking smile (a good indication ...

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