David Zenon Starlyte

Growing up in apartheid South Africa, David had an early initiation into a dysfunctional society. It influenced his thinking and search for peaceful and spiritual solutions. A passion for healing followed a severe childhood illness and a medical approach he found lacking gentleness and compassion. David later studied theology in war-torn Jerusalem for 3 years, before graduating as a Naturopathic physician in Australia. His explorations then led him into Asia, where he has studied Buddhism in Thailand and Qi Gong in China. As a practitioner, David has worked at some of the world's elite retreats and wellness spas from the Maldives, to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Caribbean, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. He now lives in the Great Barrier Reef and works as a soul-coach and hands-on-healer offering spiritual counseling and guidance in finding peace. Follow him on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

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As a society, we are calling out for mindfulness now more than any time in our history. Burdened by work priorities and administration deadlines, and a pile of paperwork to fill...

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