Amy Pollard

Amy Pollard is a board-certified health coach, Reiki practitioner, registered yoga teacher, and seasoned scientist. Influenced by her family’s medical history, she has taken the best of modern medicine, traditional medicine, and alternative medicine to find a level of health she didn’t know existed.

Amy brings this unique three-pronged approach to help individuals, especially those with autoimmune diseases, find a deeper and sustained level of health and healing using green food, green home and beauty products, and a fresh mindset. You can find her work on Connect her socially on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Autoimmune Disease Inflammation Source

Autoimmune Disease Inflammation & Cooling Down Your System

posted in General Health

Chronic disease has steadily risen over the last several decades. When heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancers were once rare it is hard to find someone whose life hasn't been ...

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